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THANK YOU to the 31 Plover Fastpitch/PWYA pitchers participating in this Sunday, May 7th Plover Fastpitch/PWYA Pitching Clinic, with the free clinic being run by SPASH Softball Head Coach Tom Drohner, greatly appreciated players and parents!

Coach Drohner, Asst SPASH Softball Coach Todd VanderLoop, PWYA Board Member Corey Giese, and 5 local high school pitchers from SPASH and Pacelli, volunteered their time Sunday morning to provide a free pitching clinic to 31 new, or beginner 8U and 10U pitchers at Fire Pro Field at the Woyak Complex in Plover, WI.

The clinic provided group and individualized pitching instruction on pitching mechanics for the future fastpitch pitchers in the PWYA girls 7/8 and 9/10 leagues.

As discussed during the pitching clinic, the pitchers and parents must spend time practicing fastpitch pitching, to develop the proper pitching techniques and muscle it's a great way to spend quality time with your daughter!

If you are interested in Tom Drohner Softball camps and/or lessons, please go to Coach Drohner's website at:,

Thanks again, good luck, and have a great softball summer!  PWYA/Plover Fastpitch  

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Sharon Robinson Event

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