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Welcome to PWYA 2020 Summer League Registration

2020 Summer League Registration Information

Welcome to!

All participants will be registered through the online registration process.  Registration will not be complete until the registration is paid via credit card or bank account online debit. 

Late fees will be added to the registration cost on March 8th. 

If you encounter problems with your registration, please click on one of the email links below and we will work to correct the problem and be back in touch with you via email.


Step One:
Create an account in the PWYA website, or sign in using your existing account (returning players) This can be found in the upper left corner of the site. Please use the email that you would like to receive league communications with. If you already have a non-PWYA sports NGIN account (hockey families) click on "become a member" in the upper left corner.

Step Two:
Click on the link above to complete the online registration process, you will be emailed a receipt after completing the registration and payment.

Please do not exit the registration if you are registering multiple players. You will be given an option to register another player after completing each registration. If you leave the registration page you will not be able to start a new registration for another player.

Concussion acknowledgement forms must be signed electronically as well.

Please indicate if you are interested in coaching with PWYA as well, We especially need tee-ball coaching volunteers!







Fundraising is an important part of PWYA's efforts to provide the best leagues and facilities possible for the participants. Each league participant is asked to raise funds via a candy sale or Pizza sale. 

Pizza Sale - All age groups will use Portesi pizzas for the pizza sale.

Fundraising buyouts can be paid at the time of registration this year. $55 for pizza sales.  8U players buyout would be $40.

Player Evaluations

Player Evaluations for Boys Baseball: 

Location:  Ben Franklin Junior High

Date:  March 28th, 2020

All Evaluations will be held at Ben Franklin Junior High, register in the cafeteria, evaluations will be held in the gym. Please be ready prior to the scheduled start time.

9U and NEW 10U players - 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM

11U and NEW12U players - 9:30 AM to 11:00AM

13U - 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

14U/15U  - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

All 9U, 11U, 13U, and 14/15U players need to attend evaluations. NEW 10U & 12U players need to attend as well.

Player Evaluation for Girls Fastpitch Softball:

Location:  Ben Franklin Junior High

Date:  April 4th, 2020

All Girls Fastpitch Softball Evaluations will be held at Ben Franklin Junior High, register in the cafeteria, evaluations will be held INSIDE, in the gym. Please be ready 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Please wear athletic clothes and tennis shoes;  bring you own equipment, or PWYA will supply if you do not have your own bat, batting helmet, etc.

9-10 League:  8:00 AM to 9:00 AM;  all 9U players and NEW 10U players

11-12 League: 9:30 AM to 11:00AM; all 11U players, and NEW 12U players
13-14 / 15-18 Leagues:  No Evaluations, will be notified of what team you are on by head coach in Early May.

League Schedules:

Most leagues are focused on a couple nights a week.  Some games for leagues are occasionally played on different nights and weekends, mostly in the age groups above coach pitch.  Here are the nights that most games will be played for each age group along with the anticipated start and end dates.

5/6 Tee Ball - Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday; April 28 - mid-June

7/8 Boys Coach Pitch Baseball - Tuesday/Thursday; April 28 - mid-June 

7/8 Girls Coach Pitch Softball - Monday/Wednesday;  mid-May  - late-June

9/10 Boys Baseball - Tuesday/Thursday - April 28 - early July

9/10 Girls Softball - Monday/Wednesday - mid-May  -  mid-July

11/12 Boys Baseball - Monday/Wednesday - April 28 - Early July

11/12 Girls Softball - Tuesday/Thursday - end May  - late-July

13 Boys Baseball - Monday/Wednesday - May 16 - late-July

13/14 Girls Softball - Tuesdays(doubleheaders);  - early-June  -  late-July

14/15 Boys Baseball - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - May 29 - late-July

15-18 Girls Softball - Wednesdays(doubleheaders);  mid-June  -  late July

Registration Insurance Disclaimer

When you complete the registration there is an offer from SportEngine/AIG to insure your registration.  This is an embedded offering from our hosting provider and is not affiliated with PWYA.  If you choose to purchase insurance through this offering you will need to work with the provider to make a claim.  PWYA is not involved with the offering in any way.

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

Questions -

Scott Chandler

Boys Overall Coordinator

Phone: 715-572-0613

Chad Newby

Girls League Coordinator

Phone: (715) 252-2267

John Jones

Girls Overall Coordinator

Phone: 715-252-2406

Joel Hojnacki

Tee Ball Coordinator

Phone: (715) 570-2499

Travis Mayek

IT and Registrations

Phone: 715-348-9819



Q:  Can my son/daughter play with another specific player(s)?

A:  We will try to accommodate to the best of our ability as there are a lot of these types of requests.  For tee-ball/coach pitch ages, we will try to group kids by school first.  For older groups, player evaluations will be the main determining factor.


Q:  Can my son/daughter play up or down into a different age group?

A:  Please reach out the appropriate Boys or Girls coordinator as noted in the contact information on the registration page.


Q:  I made a mistake in registration and I need to make changes, refunds, etc

A:  Please reach out the appropriate IT/Registration person as noted in the contact information on the registration page.